Agent Training & Coaching

Entry Level Coaching Programme

New Assistants
12 x 60 minutes

Designed to create a solid foundation for staff who are new to “agenting”.  Combining “drive the desk” practical skills with industry ethos to create confident and efficient team members.

Six sessions that can be tailored to suit individual and agency needs whilst retaining flexibility for personal development. Session will include:

  • Clarifying basic note-booking techniques 
  • Developing phone communication and establishing professional rapport
  • Understanding phrases and terms in common usage (jargon)
  • Acquiring skills to improve productivity and time management
  • Recognising the needs and motivation of the talent pool
  • Contextualising the “point of sale” in respect of individual talent
  • Understanding the industry calendar from awards season to drama school
  • Establishing a framework of understanding for industry, and agency, ethos
  • Exploring publications to read and resources to investigate

Six sessions will focus on understanding the basic components of the UK talent contracting agreements.   Sessions will include:

  • Television – PACT Equity TV Agreement, BBC Equity Agreement, ITV Equity Agreement
  • Film – PACT Equity Cinema Agreement
  • Theatre - SOLT Equity West End Theatre, UK Theatre Equity Subsidised Repertory Theatre, UK Theatre Equity Commercial Theatre and relevant in-house theatre agreements etc. 
  • Commercial Advertising – an overview of ‘best practice’ when engaging artists in Television Commercials.


Single task-specific sessions are available should the nature of the course programme exceed your needs.

Individual, or small group, sessions

Individual sessions only

Intermediate Level Coaching Programme

Senior Assistants/Junior Agents
10 x 60 minutes

Designed to progress team members as areas of responsibility increase.  Providing more advanced understanding of industry ‘common practice’, networking, negotiating deal terms and contract analysis.   This programme is inherently more text-heavy, with sample clauses provided and background reading required outside the scheduled sessions.  Sessions will include:

  • Evaluating the more complex components of the UK talent contracting agreements with a focus on television, film and commercial theatre.
  • Developing contract reading and analysis skills with a focus on recurring special stipulation and long-form clauses. 
  • Examining Options & Exclusivity, decoding and identifying language for revision.
  • Providing an overview of the ways in which other territories book talent.
  • Offering practical guidance to enable problem solving at a senior level.
  • Flexibility is offered to permit personalised goals and outcomes. 


Single task-specific sessions are available should the nature of the course programme exceed your needs.

Professional Mentorship

Designed as a follow-up service to the Entry and Intermediate Level courses to provide further ongoing confidential support.  

Sessions (30/ 60 minutes) providing time to discuss and formulate solutions to particular problems, and consult on how a specific outcome may best be achieved.

Individual sessions only

Group sessions only


We also offer in-person workshops designed for agents or assistants who want a “refresher” on the industry agreement basics.  Usually in London, these half-day sessions are focused on a specific agreement (e.g. the PACT Equity Television Agreement).  Providing a more comprehensive analysis of the agreement in question, including time for discussions of frequently encountered problems, with suggested tactics for moving your negotiation back towards the preferred model of contracting.

These are scheduled periodically and advertised on our website so please check back for the next session

If you would like us to come to your office, and run a workshop just for your team, please contact us.


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