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It has long been a factor of agency life that new staff are “thrown in at the deep end” – learning terminology on the go, acquiring an understanding of the job in the ad-hoc way of a busy office; listening to conversations and piecemeal guidance from more experienced agents.

The digital age irrevocably altered the work process and the pandemic of 2020 heralded the next evolution: organisations working remotely with entire teams never, physically, in the same place for most of their working life.

How, then, to guide, train and mentor your staff?   How to encourage productivity when the office WhatsApp group is the only resource?  How to ensure your staff feel valued and supported in their efforts to excel?

We provide the solution.

Tailored training programmes designed to enhance productivity; to encourage staff optimism and engagement with agency culture, to offer a wider insight into the arts sector they have joined and to improve their core skills as they progress in their careers.

Enable your team to manage their workload intelligently, diligently, enthusiastically.  Offer wider foundational knowledge and specific tools for the day-to-day.

Everyone wins.

Talent Contracts & Business Best Practice Consultancy

The way we work has changed.  The speed at which we are required to work increases exponentially.  It is harder and harder to balance the demands of the day. 

Are you drowning in contracts and/or special stipulations?  You know you should read them but do you have time to do so?   You know there is no value in fighting “that clause” but cannot find the time required to make that judgement swiftly.

Let us be your Business Affairs department.  With more than 25 years agenting experience we offer a tiered service that lets you decide how much, or how little, to outsource.  Let us balance the inherent artistic contribution to any project with the desire for perfect contractual paperwork. We do the heavy-lifting while you retain the control.


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